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  • Are there refunds?
    There is no refunds on any service or products. Each project is custom designed and or tailored. We always make sure to work out any issues from the beginning before any payments are released to Kin Art Wraps. We stand behind our quality of chosen materials and service.
  • What is the "Heroes Discount"
    Kin Art Wraps offers a 20% OFF discount on "Production material items" only for: Active and Veteran Military, First Responders, Law Enforcement Officers, and Educators with proof of ID. Please contact Kin At Wraps for any further details. (804) 368-7298 or
  • What adhesive vinyls do you use?
    Primarily 3M and Avery for vehicles, walls, windows, floors, and boats / MacTac for window frosting / PhotoTex for walls murals
  • How long do your materials last?
    We generally use 3M or Avery products by default. Their lifespan has been rated 8+ years in well kept and cared for situations. Effects such as UV vary from location to location, horizontal, vertical, exterior and interior applications. Please speak with a Kin Art Wraps professional to gain more knowledge on this subject if need be.
  • What surfaces can not be wrapped?
    Porous exterior surfaces are not as suitable as smooth. Kin Art Wraps will not wrap chalking, rusted and or oxidized surfaces.
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